A Night at the Theatre: French and Spanish Academies

July 1, 2014

Last night marked the premiere (for one night and one night only) of the Spanish Academy’s play, “Segismundo y Compañia.” A comedic piece revolving around a hat, the play was uproariously funny and enjoyed by all. Afterwards, the students took to the courtyard outside the theatre and were taught how to dance merengueby two of the Spanish teachers under the setting sun. The synchronization of the entire academy at the end of the night was quite impressive, even with such a short lesson.

French Academy students also reveled in the limelight. Students there presented a number of short skits depicting everyday life in front of their fellow academy members. Aside from working on their acting abilities, the students also saw a great improvement in their pronunciation through working on the skits. At the end of the day, students in both academies saw how language acquisition can be enhanced through the art of performing.

-Colin Edwards and Lindsay Call, Pomona Program Assistants