A Night of Dancing!

Students here at Green Mountain College celebrated their first weekend by dancing the night away!

July 1, 2017

The weekend is in full swing here at GMC! With today marking the first day without classes in five days, students took the time to settle into a more relaxed schedule today. And although it rained for most of the day, students refused to let that put a damper on their spirits! 

During the morning, students took shelter from the rain in their dorms, and passed the time studying their new vocabulary and working on hall decorations with their RAs. After lunch, the rain finally ended, which meant that students were able to finally enjoy some pick-up sports! Many students spent the time playing volleyball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, or just enjoyed a calm moment in the Sun. 

Finally, to cap off an excellent Saturday, students gathered with their academies for a weekly tradition here at MIL: The Saturday Dance. While each academy's dance was unique in its own way, all of them shared a vibrant atmosphere, and a spirit of fun!

As the Sun went down, Chinese academy students entered their assembly area for a Red Carpet night! Dancing to Chinese and American pop songs, the students took to the floor confidently and with lots of swagger, just as they had to their studies! 

German academy students, meanwhile, took part in an interesting German celebration for July 1st: Karnival. While traditionally celebrated in February in Germany, students embraced the many traditions of this festival all the same! From costumes, dancing, and even to party games, German academy students learned a bit of how to celebrate Deutscher Stil! 

Not to be outdone, French academy students took off on their own celebratory dance in the East Room here on campus. With the intensity of the music and their spirits matching that of French culture, they danced the night (and rain!) away to say the least! 

And now, students are getting ready to head into their Sunday, during which they will hopefully take the time to relax a bit after the first week of classes. However, I'm sure that after tonight, they'll be just as psyched for next week's dance as they were for this week's! 

Check out some of the photos from tonight in the image gallery, and in our daily Facebook post! Stay tuned as well for further updates from the MIL Summer Academy here at Green Mountain College!