Museums, Museums, Museums

July 11, 2018

Language: French

Location: Nantes

Daily Schedule:

8:15-9:00 AM (45min) Breakfast

9:00-9:20 AM (20min) Morning Assembly

9:30-10:20 AM (50min) Class Block 1

10:20-10:30 AM (10min) Break

10:30-11:20 AM (50min) Class Block 2

11:20-11:30 AM (10min) Break + Snack

11:30-12:20 PM (10 min) Class Block 3

12:30-1:20 PM (50min) Lunch + Afternoon Snack Pick-up

1:30-3:30 PM (120min) Cultural Exploration Class

3:30-6:00 PM (150min) Group 1: History Museum / Group 2: Abolition of Slavery Memorial / Group 3: Jules Verne Museum

6:00-7:30 PM (90min) Activities Block 1: Study period

7:30-8:30 PM (60min) Dinner

8:30-10:00 PM (90min) Call Home Time

10:30 PM In Room

What the Nantes Academy did today:

Today we started with a fun assembly where the RAs and the students competed over French baked goods. The students also learned about our program for the day. They then headed to their respective language classes where they talked about French public transportation network. They learned new vocabulary and colloquial expressions, they discussed the differences between US and French public transportation systems and debated which behavior was the worst on public transportation: from littering to speaking loud and invading others’ personal spaces.

Lunch was followed by the Cultural Exploration Course before we divided the students into 3 groups to head to 3 different museums. We have started rotating the groups yesterday and by tomorrow each student will have visited all three sites.

The first group will head to the Castle of the Duchess of Brittany, now the History Museum, while the second one will visit the Memorial for the Abolition of Slavery (as Nantes was, unfortunately, an important port for the trade in the 18th and 19th centuries), and the third group will visit the Jules Verne Museum and discover one of our most famous SF authors. If you don’t know his work, do check it out, even the Doc in Back to the Future is a fan!

When we get back to campus, the students will head back to their Cultural Exploration classrooms to work on their final projects for the course, with the help of their teachers. Dinner will be followed by Call Home Time, so remember to call your student between 8 and 10pm local time to hear more about the great moments we are sharing at the Nantes Academy.

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