Monsieur Sainsily: Qui est-il?

Meet David Sainsily, the Director of the French Academy, in a brief interview, highlighting his background and approach to teaching.

June 27, 2016

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.”Aristotle

Here at St. Michael’s, this philosophy stands strong. The blending of personalities of teachers from all over the country allows for a committed, intellectual, and captivating staff—all of whom have an unwavering passion for foreign languages and cultures.

Today, the Director of the French Academy—David Sainsily—sat down for an interview, in which he answered questions on his educational and personal background, and, also, on his role outside of the Academy.

David was born in the French Guiana in South America. In 2006, he moved to the United States. In addition to French, he speaks English, Spanish, and Creole.

He has a four-year-old daughter. Also, he enjoys snowboarding, when he can find the time. 

David has a degree from the University of Paul Valery in English and Portuguese Studies. Now, he lives in Los Angeles, California, where he works as a high school French teacher.

When asked of what his teaching philosophy is, he said, “To expose students to concepts, ways of thinking and cultures that they may not be familiar with.” Then, he added that it’s also to, "develop and foster skills—critical thinking, communication and collaboration.”

David also cited his ultimate goal of the Academy as being, “For students to have a meaningful experience that will allow them to grow as language speakers and independent learners.”

Additionally, he talked about the value of the Academy, saying that he’s a, “true believer in the effectiveness of the pedagogy and methodology that we use here.”

David, along with the rest of the French Academy’s staff,is a testament to what it means to have a passion for foreign language studies. As he enters his nineth year of experience with the Academy, he’s excited and ready for what is to come this summer.

French Academy Director: David Sainsily