Mexican Murals: A Cultural Tradition

July 13, 2015

This week, students from the Spanish Academy at Green Mountain collectively finished a beautiful mural. For the past three weeks, the students have been working hard, and creatively, during their afternoon activities and free time to paint two murals. Even students who claimed they were not artistic picked up a brush and painted various portions of the mural to create a truly collective work!

The idea of creating an Academy mural  stemmed from the cultural theme of the 2015 program: “Mexican Muralists”. During their cultural exploration class entitled “Vision” and the Academy’s recent trip to Dartmouth, the students observed and analyzed murals by famous Spanish artists like Rivera, Orozco, and Siqueiros. After these visits, the students put into practice what they had learned and began to paint a large replica of a mural by Diego Rivera. As the students became more comfortable with painting on a larger scale, they developed the idea for a second mural, specific to the Spanish Academy experience at Green Mountain.

The heart of this mural is bringing together the beloved symbols of the Academy, Vermont, and various Spanish speaking cultures into one work of art. For example, the depictions of the pyramids of Chichén Itzá, Easter Island, and Gaudi’s “La Sagrada Familia” represent the rich culture of Latin America and Spain, while the abundant green hills and maple trees instill the essence of Vermont into the mural. Finally, the students in bright orange shirts playing soccer and singing together truly embodies the spirit of the Spanish Academy at Green Mountain.

This mural was presented to the German and Arabic Academies at World Expo, and all of the students involved are proud of their creation! Now, the mural is being displayed in Withey Hall, near the dining hall, where students can enjoy and admire it before every meal.