Meshing with Students from Yuyuantan Middle School

July 10, 2019

Language: Chinese
Location: Beijing

What the Beijing Academy Did Today: The students visited Yuyuantan Middle School today. It was very fun for students. I could tell that MIL students really enjoyed playing basketball, ping-pong, soccor, and badminton with Chinese students. We won the basketball game again this year! Yeah!

The communication activity also went on very smoothly. We divided students into small groups. All students had a chance to speak with Chinese students. Before we visited Yuyuantan Middle School, Jiang Laoshi of the school and I exchanged questions raised from each side and asked our students to prepare the answers. Topics included some traditional ones, such as “day in the life in your school”, “foreign language learning”, “what sports do you like?”, “my favorite movie” and some interesting ones, such as “if you start dating a girl/boy, what do your parents say?”

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