A Medieval Week!

July 12, 2017

Bonjour de Nantes,

Just like the past two weeks, students were divided in 3 groups in the afternoon. As we are all going to Le Puy du Fou this weekend (a rewarded historical theme park), our great RAs organized afternoons with a medieval theme for our students.

Students were divided in 4 families with a blazon. The RAs wore costumes, built a (paper) castle, and made some horses so everything could seem real! The games included jousting, chest, archery, and so much more.

Students had so much fun and are super excited to go to Le Puy du Fou this Saturday! We cannot to show you pictures from that day!

On Tuesday evening, students also had an activity to introduce them to the culture of French Overseas Departments and Territories. We thought it was important to introduce students to that part of the French culture. They tried playing some instruments and capoeira.

Don’t forget to read our next blog post with a cooking lesson and our celebration of Bastille day!