Maximizing Learning - from the Academic Directors

June 22, 2019

As part of the Student Orientation on Monday, the Directors of Academics, Clara Hoellerbauer and Theresa Bruns, worked with Academy students on understanding the differences between traditional language classrooms in schools and how we may approach things differently here at the Summer academy. The presentation informed the students of the program’s pedagogy and how the concepts of grammar and vocabulary are taught at the Academy, as well as how class levels and mastery may be unique here.

If your child is having difficulties adjusting to the way that grammar and vocabulary are taught here at the Academy, when speaking to them, consider asking the following questions.

Are you paying attention and noting new words from the authentic materials (videos, songs, articles, etc.) in order to look them up later?

Do you keep a list of new words you hear throughout the day and try to use them as often as possible?

Are you listening for different grammar structures in authentic materials or in conversations then asking a teacher or RE for clarification?

Are you being observant during clubs, activities, free time and meal time? Think about all all the new vocabulary you have and will continue to learn during these times outside of the classroom. Remind the students that the Academy is the Everywhere Classroom and that they’re always learning.

Are you self-correcting your errors in order to improve up your areas of weakness? (The more a word is used correctly, the quicker the correct form will be learned.)

Are you listening to how your peers use the language? (Peers can be excellent teachers as well!)

Are you paying attention to your teachers’ and RA’s corrections and feedback? (After ensuring the students’ safety and happiness, their number one job is to help students learn and improve their Spanish! They will offer both formal and informal feedback on a daily basis.)

Please look at images of the slides below from our student presentation to understand further details in regards to our pedagogy and in order to best support your student’s language growth.