Making the Most of the Day Off

July 3, 2016

On this warm, sunny Sunday at St. Michael’s, students had another day off from academic study. All students were happy to have one more restful day before the adventures of the week commence.

As bells rang and a cool breeze flew through the air, a level of energy similar to yesterday's was found on St. Michael’s campus. Students partook in several activities and enjoyed the picturesque weather as they grouped together for games of soccer and frisbee.

However, the students weren’t the only ones enjoying the weather—teachers made the most of the weather, too, getting together for late morning runs!

Residential Educators (REs), also, took students out on trips to Dunkin' Donuts for some early morning coffee and snacks.

After the morning relaxation, the Academies split up for some Academy-wide activities. Here’s an overview of what they did...

Chinese Academy:

After lunch, the REs for the Chinese Academy told the students that they have ten minutes to run into their rooms, and then fill a pillow sack with random materials. However, they weren’t told why—the reasoning will be disclosed after they gathered their random materials.

Broken up by groups based on their dormitory halls, students flocked in herds to their rooms in order to fill up one pillow sack with as many things as possible. But once the ten minutes were up, they had to leave their rooms and make their way to the Dion Center.

Once everyone—students and REs—were all together in the Dion Center, the activity was revealed: “The Pillow Game.”

In this game, an RE would put a Chinese word and theme on the presentation board, and then the students would have to search through the pillowcases—which contained everything from toothpaste to hair dryers—and find what they thought best fit the word and theme.

Then, a representative from each group came up to the stage and gave a short speech on why they think their item best fits the word. After each small speech, the REs would either put a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down” on whether or not they thought it was a good fit for the word. The team with the most “thumbs up” was deemed the winner.

For example, an RE put up a picture of a dinosaur and then the word for it. One team, however, took a creative approach: they walked up with nothing. When that team’s representative had to give his small speech, he said: “We didn’t bring anything up. Why, you wonder? Because dinosaurs don’t exist!”

That team’s response was received with a multitude of “thumbs up” and laughter amongst the students in the audience.

French Academy:

The French Academy, after lunch, went to the theater room for their weekly Academy-wide meeting, in which students go up on stage and discuss everything they’ve been doing—or, in some cases, perform what they’ve learned!

Students presented surveys they conducted, francophone phrases and theatrical performances.

Also, students showcased films they created the day before. The movies were all packed high with French, humor and laughs—it made for quite the fun atmosphere for the students in the audience!

The purpose of this Academy-wide meeting was not only to bring everyone together, but also to show to the students what to expect from the other classes, in which they will eventually be participating later on in the Academy.

Later tonight, students will have the chance to call home and touch base with their parents, finally! Students will have much to say about how this past week has been going for them—they're excited to talk to you! 

And so, the two days of rest are finished. Now, students are moving on to their first full week of classes...but more notably, tomorrow's Fourth of July Celebration! 

Students enjoy another day of rest!