For the Love of Art!

July 6, 2017

It was another great day here at Green Mountain College today! The sky was clear, the squirrels were hopping, and students were once again excited for another fun day of language immersion! Although the academies again took part in their own activities today, one theme really helped to bond them together: artistic, aesthetic expression.

As always, French Academy students began the day through their cultural exploration sessions. This morning, they focused in on an art form that is often overlooked, but is equally as expressive: comic books. Today, students helped to craft their comic's storyline, characters, and design for an upcoming presentation tomorrow! In addition, students also took the time to explore and sample some of the delights of French cheesemaking! All in all, it was quite a Brielliant affair!

After several days of preparation, German Academy students hosted an art exhibition! After learning and discussing German Expressionist art of the 20th Century, students took the time to create their own masterpieces based on this style. After days of design, students finally unvealed their works to their peers. Together, they discussed each piece in turn, and learned more about the deep emotions that went into them.

Finally, Chinese Academy students practiced their own unique forms of art. To begin, Chinese students finished off many of their brushstroke works from the past few days. By adding their own twists to a traditional Chinese style,  students certainly showed off their creativity! To cap off the day, students also explored the creative and colossal world of Chinese cuisine by making some amazing dumplings! 

Thanks for tuning in today! Check out our Facebook page for some more images of today, and come back tomorrow for more updates from Green Mountain College! 

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