The Long Weekend Continues

July 17, 2016

On this immaculate Sunday, students from both Academies enjoyed their second day off, which is only two thirds of their weekend, since there are no classes tomorrow—both Academies embark on field trips for the day in lieu of a full day of classes!

Today, students were granted the choice—just like yesterday—to sleep in, if they wanted. Many students took advantage of this, catching up on some much-needed summer hibernation sleep.

Also, today, a reporter from the Burlington Free Press came to the campus for an article. Through a series of interviews with students, he was able to get the feel for how things operate around here, and also get an understanding of what it means to be “fully” immersed in a language.

During his time on campus, he also observed a number of activities that the students were doing, which gave him a chance to see the the social aspect of the program. He was able to observe the Language Pledge® in action!

While the reporter was on campus, the French Academy was engaged in a scavenger hunt, in which they competed—in groups—to see who could reach the most locations, complete each locational task and make it back to the base (the French dorms) in the shortest amount of time.

And, of course, students were required to get photographic evidence, which proved that they did indeed reach every location and do the designated task.

For instance, one task was: “Get a picture with a guy and girl in front of the library.” The catch, however, was that the groups were split up by gender; therefore, groups had to work together, in order to complete that specific task.

Once the scavenger hunt was over, a mass exodus of French Academy students took place, as they went to the Dion Center for an Academy-wide game of French trivia.

During the trivia game, students were split up into groups, and then tested to see which group is the most “cultured” in French history, arts and humanities.

While all of this was going on, the Chinese Academy had their talent show, during which a multitude of students impressed the whole Academy, showcasing their talents of which their peers were never aware.

At the conclusion of their talent show—which took place in the theater room—the students had the chance to watch a Disney movie, except in Chinese!

Once the movie was over, the Chinese Academy students were given the opportunity to talk to their friends and family during their call home time. Also, during this period of time, students were given their cellphones back, which, obviously, they all loved.

In the evening, both Academies followed a similar schedule: dinner and an Academy-wide meeting. During these meetings, both groups of Language Academies reviewed everything on which they’ve worked this week, and then discussed what to expect for next week.

All of the classes had presentations and skits to present to everyone, additionally. From singing to improv, the evening was filled with humor, (relatively) good acting and—best of all—absolutely no English!

Strangely and surprisingly, the final week of the program is about to surface. The past three weeks have flown by quickly—so now, the final moments are before students. The last goodbyes are soon to come.

To start off this final week, as stated above, both Academies are going to embark on field trips tomorrow, in lieu of a full day of classes. It’s bound to be fun!

French trivia time!