A little tour of Nantes!

June 30, 2017

The students have started to discover Nantes and we wanted to share it with you! They had the chance to tour the city center in small groups and get a first taste of the incredible city in which they are going to spend the next few weeks! They will have more opportunities to discover what the city has to offer next week with new activities.

The students’ journey through Nantes started with the Cathedral Saint Pierre which is a magnificent building right next to the Château des ducs de Bretagne, our incredible castle here in Nantes! It was initially the residence of the Dukes of Brittany before becoming the residence of the French monarchy during their stays in Brittany. Students then explored the narrow streets of the oldest part of town: the Quartier Bouffay. There they saw the Eglise Sainte Croix, another incredible church (we love our old churches here!) and Place du Bouffay which was a central place for the French Revolution. They then headed to l’Ile Feydeau and the heart of the city center. There’s a complete change of architectural style in this part of the city! The Passage Pommeraye was their next stop: a gorgeous covered passage way for shopping built in 1843. It has a incredible architecture and sculptures, similar to the Passage Vivienne in Paris. This passage leads almost directly to Nantes’s theatre : le théâtre Graslin. You can still see operas performed there by our regional company.

After a small goûter – a little break to have a snack – students walked through le Cours Cambronne (a small park) and finished this incredible itinerary with la Place Royale, our most beautiful square here in Nantes and its basilica, Saint Nicolas.

After this long walk through Nantes, students came back to campus (we attached a picture of the campus!) full of memories and with a better idea of what life in Nantes looks like. We hope you can enjoy Nantes through their eyes and stay tuned for our next post about their incredible trip Saturday to le Mont Saint Michel and Saint Malo!


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