Let's Party, en español

On June 30, we hosted our second Academy reception with some Spaniards; we fulfilled our expectations with a very successful event for both groups.

July 1, 2016

On a warm afternoon in Granada, the Academy welcomed a group of Spaniards. The majority of these students were from Granada, although we had visitors from various parts of the region, including a Japanese girl who is finishing up a year-long study abroad program in this city.

As with any group interaction, in the beginning everyone got to know each other bit by bit. As time passed the kids grew in confidence and steadily warmed up to each other. A unifying factor came in the form of a hearty meal. The school prepared delicious bocadillos (tea sandwiches) all around: standouts included tasty croquetas and a bit of tortilla de patata (Spanish potato omelette).

What truly kicked off the celebration, however, was undoubtedly the music and dancing. Beginning with a series of traditional Spanish dances (sevillanas), the students danced for the rest of the evening. Our students danced to the taxi song (?), which has become famous in (our?) morning assemblies.

As they danced along to various styles of music as the night wore on, it became clear that music and dance form part of a universal language. There is no doubt that this party was a resounding success, and example of what can be done with a willingness to connect and communicate across language barriers.

(Although the Palabra de Honor was lifted during the party, we recommended that our students speak in Spanish and the others in English.)