Let It Begin: The Language Pledge Ceremony

June 24, 2014

It has begun: yesterday evening, all our students proudly (and bravely) signed the Language Pledge, stating that they will communicate solely in their target language!

Yesterday evening, 66 students in the Spanish academy signed the Language Pledge to communicate uniquely in Spanish for the duration of the program. The ceremony opened with a talk from the Language Director Carrie Holland, who explained how important it is to learn another language and how much the students will gain from making a valiant effort to speak the language throughout the four weeks at MMLA. Among the benefits, she cited a competitive college application, professional advancement and unique work opportunities, as well as the cognitive benefits of being able to speak and think in an additional language. Students were reminded that foreign language learning is an integral part of a modern education.

The Language Pledge is not only a personal investment in one’s future, but also a promise to respect one’s peers. By choosing to uphold their commitment, students are also supporting each other in language learning and contributing towards a community of language learners.

After reading the Pledge aloud and hearing an English translation, teachers, administrators and residential life staff signed the Pledge, followed by the students. They signed their names in the Language Pledge book and were congratulated by the staff. To cap off the ceremony, the students were taught a new Spanish chant, which they will be able to use to indicate their language Academy pride during mealtimes or during the upcoming Field Day on Saturday, July 5th. Stay tuned for news about this exciting yearly event!