Les derniers jours

July 24, 2019

Language: French

Location: Nantes

Bonjour de Nantes!

We survived the worst day of the heat wave yesterday and are enjoying some slightly cooler (and by that we mean 36 Celsius instead of 41) weather today.

The program is nearing its end and we all feel a little sad knowing we’ll be apart soon but what a grand adventure it’s been!

Today our students are taking the STAMP 4S placement test once more, as well as enjoying some free time downtown. It’s a quiet and studious day but tonight a giant game awaits our students with a museum exhibit, art thieves and a couple of zombies.

Tomorrow the students will meet with their language teachers one more time in the morning to go over the program and receive some advice on how to keep progressing in French. In the afternoon we will all head downtown for some free time and last minute shopping.

Tomorrow night will conclude the Nantes Academy, as we celebrate with official MIL certificates, a speech by one of our students, and some dancing moves.

Today’s Schedule

8:00 am—9:00 am—Breakfast

9:00 am—9:20 am—Morning Assembly

9:30 am—12:30 am—STAMP Test / Downtown

12:30 pm—1:30 pm—Lunch + pick up afternoon snack

1:30 pm—2:00 pm—Free Time

2:00 pm—5:00 pm—STAMP Test / Downtown

5:00 pm—7:30 pm—Sports/Arts/Quiet Time

7:30 pm—8:30 pm—Dinner

8:30 pm—10:00 pm—Giant Game Night

10:00 pm—In Room

10:30 pm—Lights Out

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