Learning How to Make Perfect Pinchos from our “Master Chef”

July 17, 2014

Juan Manuel (often referred to by students as JuanMa) was our chef for the last 4 weeks. During this time Juan not only cooked for us, but also provided us with lots of great memories through his excellent company and humor. At some point everyone in our staff felt that Juan was part of our MMLA-team. Aside from being a chef, Juan is also passionate about education and was once an educator himself. Combining his two passions, Juan actually gave an impromptu lecture on how to cook pinchos. He talked about the importance of food traditions in Spain, and taught us the difference between a pincho and a tapa, as well as the different flavors and textures involved in making the perfect pincho.

At the end of the session, Juan organized along with the teachers, the first MMLA Feria del Pincho (there is a Feria del Pincho in Comillas around this time of year where several vendors sell their products in one of the many downtown). Our special “feria” was organized like a “MasterChef” show, where everybody had to make a series of pinchos with specific standards (base, meat, flavors, textures, etc.). Be sure to view the results in the following blog entry!

-Alejandro Saravia