Learning by exploring: Today we are tour guides!

July 14, 2016

Last Saturday we had an amazing time walking around the B, the historical and beautiful neighborhood (declared World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO) where the ‘Colegio’ is located. As an activity during our Academic classes on Saturday, we had the opportunity to visit touristic sites, cultural places and beautiful buildings with stunning architecture which are the living example of the rich and broad cultural heritage of the city of Granada.

We learnt first-hand about vocabulary and topics we has previously discussed in class the first week (Arab influence in Granada’s history and architecture, main city attractions, characteristics and vocabulary of Granada’s architecture, etc.) with extraordinary tour guides: the students! They were divided in groups of three and each group prepared a description of one of Granada’s monuments or historical sites. As a result, we all participated in this cultural experience and explored together places such as old palaces (Palacio de Dar al-Horra), Arabic houses and buildings (Casa Horno de Horo) or XI century Arab Baths (El Bañuelo).

We learnt a lot about Granada’s history and culture but mostly we had a great time; students loved it!