Learning an Authentic Comillas Paella Recipe

July 15, 2014

Yesterday students were treated to an amazing cultural experience as part of culinary week. The Comillas Academy visited a local restaurant and met the owner, Beatriz, who not only fed students with delicious meals, but also taught them how to cook authentic Spanish paella! 

Before the students started cooking, Beatriz wanted to make sure they were well nourished for the job to come and treated them to some tasty bocadillos that were devoured in just a few minutes! 

When it came to cooking the paella, students were presented with the raw ingredients first: olive oil, tomatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, rice, peppers, etc. Next Beatriz showed the students all of the cooking utensils and preparation techniques but that was it! She did not do any cooking herself, as it was the student’s job to learn the recipe in language and cook the meal. Students started by peeling, cutting and chopping everything while Beatriz prepared thepaellera (the “pot” used to cook this delicious meal).

After a couple of hours of following the recipe and working with Beatriz to perfect everything, students were able to enjoy the fruits of their labor and eat self-made paella (one with chicken and one vegetarian). Both were muy delicioso and the experience of learning a delicious recipe from a local Comillas restaurant owner was truly unforgettable.