L’histoire est la mémoire du monde

July 10, 2019

Don't forget our Call Home Time tonight from 8:30 to 10pm local time.

Language: French
Location: Nantes

Bonjour from the Nantes Academy! These past two days we’ve been quite busy. Monday night hip hop was so much fun and revealed a lot of hidden talents within the students. Tuesday morning was more serious, going over the subjunctive in class, as well as directions and proverbs. Students even participated in the rewrite of a modern story as a fairy tale so that they may practice past tenses (imparfait, passé composé, and for the most adventurous, passé simple).

In the afternoon they headed to their cultural exploration course of the week before getting divided in 3 groups to head to the History Museum in the Castle downtown, the Jules Verne Museum, or the Memorial of the Abolition of Slavery. The groups will rotate so that by Thursday night everyone will have explored all three sites. The students are enjoying learning more about Nantes’ rich history and being able to repurpose the knowledge they have acquired in class.

They compared the history of slavery in Nantes, which was a major city of the trade, with what they already know of slavery in the US and offered some great insight. At the Jules Verne museum they discussed Science Fiction and inventions, in the light of the cultural exploration course on machines and film. Last night we all headed downtown for a night market with live music and plenty of local delicacies.

This morning in class they participated in a grammatical jeopardy and the French education system before heading to their cultural exploration course and museum visit of the day. When they got back to campus they participated in activities with the RAs: slack line, board games, reading, and basketball. We are now getting ready for dinner.

They can tell you all about it tonight during Call Home time from 8:30 to 10pm, France time.

Today’s Schedule

8:00 am—9:00 am—Breakfast

9:00 am—9:20 am—Morning Assembly

9:30 am—10:20 am—Class Block 1

10:20 am—10:30 am—Break & Snack

10:30 am—11:25 am—Class Block 2

11:20 am—11:30 am—Break

11:30 am —12:20 pm—Class Block 3

12:30 pm—1:30 pm—Lunch + pick up afternoon snack

1:30 pm—3:30 pm—Cultural Exploration Class

3:30 pm—6:30 pm—Museum

6:30 pm—7:30 pm—Sports/Arts/Down time

7:30 pm—8:30 pm—Dinner

8:30 pm—10:00 pm—Call Home

10:00 pm—In Room

10:30 pm—Lights Out

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