Klein aber fein! The German Academy Takes the Win at Field Day

July 6, 2014

After a restful 4th of July, the competitive spirits of each Academy came out for today’s Field Day. The event followed the morning Cultural Exploration classes, which involved cooking and a water balloon toss among other culturally rich activities. Just before lunch, the students dressed in their Academy shirts and beautified themselves with face-painted country flags, Academy catchphrases and those intimidating football streaks under their eyes. Well-nourished and fired up, the Academies filed into the basketball gym at Waldron Athletic Center with deafening cheers. Their posters featured plays on words and words of encouragement, which were of course all in language.

The events started off with a knock-out basketball tournament and a variety of swimming relays. The aquatically-gifted French took the early lead and were proud to make it known. The Tug of War followed with a strong showing from the German and Spanish Academies. In the end, the Deutschen took the win. The Chinese demonstrated their prowess in the ping pong toss. In the following events, the Spanish and Germans dominated the Mummy Race, in which three teammates wrapped up, or “mummified” their fourth teammate. The Spanish claimed the balloon-popping relay, evening the score with the French and Chinese. Nonetheless, the tides were soon to turn.

Musical Chairs proved the most intense event in this exercise of swift, musical agility. The Chinese were in rhythm as they dominated the top 4. However, in the final round, one musical chair professional from the German Academy sat down first to gain the top spot. The scores were so close that it all came down to the final event: dodgeball. Everyone was still in the mix for first. After crushing their opposing teams, the French and Germans found themselves in the finale. The French picked the Germans off one by one, except for one German student who would only accept victory. An underdog in that moment, he did not let his team down. Afterwards, the German Academy took no prisoners against the staff team, who could not avoid the Germans’ accurate throws.

Sportsmanship and spirits were high throughout the Field Day events. The Spanish claimed fourth place, while the French ended in third. The Chinese slipped to second following the German victory in dodgeball. Like the one Germandodgeballer who claimed the win, the German Academy did not give up. They demonstrated well that Field Day was not over until the last event, or as the German phrase goes, “Am Ende knallt die Peitsche!” Although less than half the size of the other Academies, the German Academy earned 1st place by 0.5 of a point. Each Academy received a Mardi Gras necklace that corresponded with their final placing: 1st place: gold; 2nd place: silver; 3rd place: bronze; and 4th place: Vermont green! As part of the German victory, they reclaimed their mascot, Guenther the Garden Gnome, from the French Academy. I suspect that this rivalry and quest to claim Guenther will still continue…

The energy continued into the Saturday evening dances. The Chinese Academy dressed in their summer finest, while the French and Spanish stepped back into the 80s. The German Academy opted for a more recuperative evening outside with chips, pretzels, Apfelschorle, and of course, some German tunes.

-Matt, Activity Coordinator