A Kaleidoscopic Day

July 13, 2016

Today was an extremely kaleidoscopic day. The assistant resident director emphasized the language pledge in the morning assembly in English so that every student could understand the importance of our purpose clearly, which is definitely helping them create the immersive Chinese environment and guarantee their security and safety. After that, students had their normal daily class, and had some nutritious food for lunch. In the afternoon, Class 2A, 2B and 2C went to the famous shopping mall in Beijing, called WANGFUJIN, to explore the different opinions of Chinese young adults to fashion. Besides, Class 3 went to the famed street, named NANLUOGUXIANG, to experience the history of China. Class 4 had their class on campus to improve their writing skills. After all the students had dinner individually, we went to the Exhibition Hall to feel the night-lifestyle of local citizens. Students had fun roller skating and square dancing with senior Chinese people. 

Enjoying an Evening Out in Beijing