An Independence Day Celebration at Green Mountain College

Spanish, German and Arabic students at Green Mountain College celebrate the Fourth of July.

July 4, 2016

Today all three academies came together to celebrate the independence of the United States! It is tradition that every year the town of Poultney, Vermont, puts on a parade to celebrate the Fourth of July and the Arabic, Spanish and German Academies participate in it.

So after breakfast this morning, students met up with their Academies and changed into their colors and costumes. Then they filed onto buses and shuttled to the start of the parade. Once organized according to language, the parade began and Academy students, along with the local fire department and a various number of decorated floats, marched through the center of town to return to Green Mountain College.

Each Academy energetically sang and danced their way down the road (in language, of course!) and definitely were effective at pumping up the local spectators with their love for America!

For more pictures please visit our Facebook page titled: "Middlebury-Monterey Language Academy: The Official Page".

German Academy