“I Could Have Danced All Night”

July 25, 2015

Yesterday, much fun was had by all three Academies at Green Mountain College. The Spanish Academy danced the night away as a salsa instructor visited campus for the evening to give lessons. I think they had a blast! Even students who had never danced the salsa before were willing to put themselves out there and try something new. The Arabic Academy enjoyed a quiet evening in with a movie at their Academy headquarters in Withey Hall. It’s amazing to see how they’ve transformed the space with decorations and flags from the many Arabic speaking countries around the globe. The German Academy had a grand time at their schnupperabend, or interest club meeting, where the students were introduced to the three co-curricular clubs being offered by the Academy this year: theatre, German board games, and sports. 

This morning, students received their language placements and were assigned teachers for the rest of their time at Green Mountain. With just a few hours of formal language instruction under their belts, students used some of their new vocabulary in casual lunchtime conversation. As a German language learner myself, I sat with some of the German students at lunch and chatted about the food and the interest clubs they had signed up for. It was a neat moment, hearing about their first day in the classroom and remembering those feelings of excitement, uncertainty, and anticipation experienced by students for the first few days of the program. Five years ago, I was in their very shoes when I attended the German Academy at Green Mountain. Now a Program Assistant, I get to be part of this amazing community with both a student and staff perspective. Though I may be a PA now, I still enjoy getting the opportunity to spend time with my German “alma mater.”

Later in the afternoon, students had the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities, including swimming, crafts, and yoga. Things became a little competitive on the soccer field and basketball court when the different Academies played some pickup games against one another. The Arabic Academy enjoyed a musical afternoon and evening with some dance lessons and a game of musical chairs. With our third full day at Green Mountain College behind us, students excitedly look forward to field trips, clubs, cultural exploration activities, and all that is to come in this language learning adventure!