Henna حناء Tattoo Crazy!

July 7, 2014

In cultural exploration class, students had a chance to learn about a wonderful plant we call henna (حناء). It is a plant whose leaves are ground down and mixed with either lemon, oil, tea or other liquid to make its paste form. After letting it rest, it then can be used for dying hair, skin or fabric. In the Arabic culture, henna is used as a celebratory tradition prior to a bride’s wedding day. Women gather for the Henna where the bride wears traditional clothing like a thoub, ثوب. The henna is unique in color and design to each part of the Arabic world. Students first saw common henna styles and then took pen to paper to practice before taking the henna tube to their own skin. Everyone enjoyed getting henna tattoos by their fellow students. The students got very creative, designing everything from mustaches to more intricate designs by more artistic students. Altogether, everyone had a great time and was excited to show off their new “ink!”

PARENTS - No need to worry. Henna ink is not permanent!

-Marji, Arabic Academy RA