Hard Work Pays Off

July 7, 2016

For the Chinese Academy, hard work pays off.

Students and teachers are already noticing a tremendous amount of improvement in just a bit over a week of immersion—better yet, students are finding that they’re no longer thinking about speaking Chinese… they’re thinking in Chinese!

This improvement, however, has not come easily—it has come with hard work, dedication and a personal drive to learn the language that is unique to every student.

Today, lots was going on in every class. New topics were discussed, as students dove into different aspects of Chinese culture that they had not studied before. Here’s an overview of what went on in the classes:

  • A lesson on fashion-related vocabulary and how to use it conversationally
  • Students learned about the vocabulary of human body parts by going outside and drawing a human body with chalk, then identifying the arms, head, legs, feet, etc.
  • A Chopstick Competition: students were split up into two teams and tested to see which team was the best at handling chopsticks. They passed around cotton balls from person-to-person to test their skill
  • Students learned about acting and ways to do impressions
  • How to write birthday cards in Chinese 

Also, today was a special day for one of the students in the Chinese Academy...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELLIE!!!!!!!

Today, Ellie celebrated her birthday at St. Michael’s with the Chinese Academy. In Ellie’s class, her teacher taught the students how to write birthday cards in Chinese, so they could then wish her a very happy birthday.

The Chinese Academy wishes Ellie many more happy, joy-filled trips around the sun!

Ellie was asked what it feels like to have a birthday here. Here’s her response:

“As you may expect, having a birthday here is much different from celebrating at home. This year, it was strange not having my family around me; however, the teachers and REs here have made me feel so at home with all of their support and kindness. I was also happy to be with my friends and classmates, who made the day so special!

Surprisingly, I don’t think not being able to speak English had much of an effect on my birthday experience here. After all, my friends still sang “Happy Birthday” to me, just in Chinese! Overall, I’m actually very grateful I got to have my birthday here. It’s always a party here with the Chinese Academy!”

In addition to Ellie’s birthday, there was another exciting event that took place today: The Dumpling Festival! Students and teachers went to the cafeteria to prepare and cook dumplings for everyone to eat—it was a blast!

And so, today comes to a close! Tomorrow, the students will be spending the day in Downtown Burlington—it’s bound to be lots of fun!

Dumpling Festival