Guest Speakers and more at the French Academy!

July 10, 2019

Language: French

Location: Saint Michael’s College

What the French Academy did today: We’ve been kicking off a wonderful Week 3 here at the French Academy! Students are settled back into their routines and truly showing off their skills in communication. In lessons, they’ve interacted with guest speakers, created posters, and more!

Here’s a more in-depth look at what’s been happening in our classrooms...

Level 1 students are talking about health today, with can-do statements of “I can select and match physical symptoms to an illness” and “I can identify and name 3-5 common illnesses and physical discomforts.” They will watch a video, create a list of symptoms they hear, and then create a game of “Doctors vs. Patients”.

In Level 2 classes, students are learning about social customs. Their can-do statements are “I can extend and politely accept and/or decline invitations” and “I can understand a voicemail, a text, an email, or letter that accepts or rejects an invitation.” For their activity, they will read copies of invitations found on Google, discuss the structure of the invitations, brainstorm on how to accept or reject, and create short skits together.

Our Level 3 students will be able to “prepare notes about transportation, lodging, sites, and good options in a target city” by the end of today. Their activity is to explore a website, create a vocab wall with new terminology related to public transportation, and work in pairs to create a list of pros and cons for each type. Then, they will describe what some challenges of moving through a Metropolis might be.

Finally, Level 4 students are making presentations about a cultural event or tradition and its historical origin. They will brainstorm a list of things involved in creating a large event, such as a city-wide festival. Some of the festivals they will learn about today include The Color Run in Paris, Carnaval de Binches of Belgium, and The Festival Ngondo of Cameroon. Then, they will role play in groups and create presentations of different French holidays.

That’s it for today! Our students have a full week of learning to tackle, then even more exciting events this weekend!

Today’s Schedule

7:30 am—Breakfast

9:00 am—Assembly

9:30 am—Class Block 1/break

10:30 am—Class Block 2/break

11:30 am—Class Block 3

12:30 pm—Lunch

1:15 pm—Free Time

2:00 pm—Cultural Exploration

3:45 pm—Activities/Exercise/Free time

5:30 pm—Dinner & Free Time

7:30 pm—Evening Activities

9:15 pm—Dorm activities/snack

10:00 pm—In room/Journaling

10:30 pm—Lights out

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