Grillin’, Singin’ and Dancin’!

July 3, 2014

German Academy

Despite an unfortunate thunderstorm that prevented the academy’s afternoon activities, the students maintained an excellent mood, playing cards, teaching each other new games and braving the rain to shop for tomorrow’s grillen—grilling being a favorite pastime in Deutschland! On the academic side, things weren’t affected by the weather: everyone was hard at work preparing presentations on topics ranging from medicine and sports injuries to neighborhoods and attractions in Berlin. Halfway through the second week, everything is großartig!

-Julius, German RA

Spanish Academy

Today the Spanish academy began the day with a rousing rendition of Si Fuera unChico—a Spanish translation of Beyonce’s popular song If I Were A Boy. The popular hit was followed by the song Las Mañanitas, a traditional birthday song that we sang in honor of the cumpleaños of one of our own—Micah Rubin. We dressed the lucky birthday boy in an official birthday sombrero and poncho, and sat him in a place of honor at center-stage during the morning assembly. However, this was not the first recognition that Micah received today in honor of his birthday, as the other Spanish students had already sung Feliz Cumpleaños at breakfast, demonstrating how close-knit our little familia has already become.

Despite the sweltering morning heat, followed by some afternoon thunderstorms, the students continued about their daily activities and lessons. As time has gone on and the students have become more comfortable with their Spanish, they have begun expressing themselves in more complex ways, and now incorporate humor into their conversations. They spend time at meals and during free time coming up with new jokes, as well as sharing their many talents. Today two students played the piano while another gave lessons on how to do the waltz. A normal day at the Academia Española is not just an opportunity to learn not only Spanish, but any number of new and interesting things.

-Julia, Spanish RA

French Academy

This morning, L’académie française started out our day with a morning assembly in which the students practiced navigating the Paris métro. We then discussed different methods of transport, and the students departed for a rigorous morning of class. This afternoon, half of the French academy participated in the activité dedanse, where RA Natalie and Dorm Head Jason taught the students some hip-hop français. Now the students know a minute of choréographie to Maître Gim’s chanson, Game Over.

During free time, some students watched the updates on Wimbledon, some madebracelets d’amitié, and others played lacrosse on the lawn. The rainy afternoon hadn’t dampened our spirits! L’assemblée du soir was jam-packed tonight with wonderful student presentations. It’s so exciting to see the students’ French levels progress and to see them come out of their shells. Teacher François’ class made up their own poems in the style of French poet Guillaume Apollinaire. Kelly, Flavien, and Nico’s students presented some hilarious sketchs on life abroad and travel, while Vittoria’s class presented skits on do’s and dont’s at restaurants. The night ended with sign up for our cross-Academy Field Day this weekend. All the students are excited for an exciting weekend, including July 4th festivities, Field Day and an 80s themed dance!

-Natalie, French RA