The Grand Finale

July 24, 2016

Nostalgia was in the air today—for everyone.

Today marked the official end of the program for both the Chinese and French Academies. This monumental conclusion was capped off with an evening event: the graduation ceremony.

All of the staff and the students came together—in the theater room—to celebrate the students’ accomplishment of living immersed in Chinese and French for four entire weeks. It was a celebration packed high with emotions and sentiment.

The Language Directors from both Academies took the stage at separate times, in order to address their students and congratulate them on all that they’ve done. Both speeches were written and presented amazingly, causing many students in the crowd to tear up!

After the speeches, student speakers from each Academy took the stage, also, delivering a small monologue to their friends to whom they have grown so close over the past four weeks.

Once the oration was complete, the teachers came to the stage, in order to hand to each student his/her diploma, which signified the completion of the Academy. After all diplomas were handed out, the pledge was lifted: students were finally authorized to speak English!

The moment Rabia, the Summer Site Manager, made this statement, cheers and celebrations broke out amongst both Academies. In fact, many students removed their lanyards and threw them up into the air, symbolizing their official graduation from the program.

It was, undoubtedly, quite an extraordinary scene to witness.

After the pledge was lifted, students and staff all made their way to the Dion Center for their final dance! For two hours, the students from the French and Chinese Academies came together for a night of fun—but above all, English-speaking!

At the conclusion of the dance, the song “Closing Time” was played. How fitting...

And just like that, it’s over.

Now, on to tomorrow: departure day!

To see pictures from today's events, check out today's photo album on Facebook, which can be accessed through clicking here

From tonight's dance!