Granada's Got Talent!

Today's highlights include Antonio's comics class, a cooking workshop, and a talent Show!

July 14, 2017

     Students were in great spirits during assembly and classes despite rising temperatures in Granada. Antonio’s CE comics class began with an activity to see how observant the students were.  In this activity, students broke off into pairs and stood back to back. Then, they had to answer specific questions about their partner such as the color of their eyes, nails, and clothing.  This activity was a great warm-up before the students started designing and drawing their own comics paying special attention to even the smallest details. 

     Afternoon workshops featured improvisation with Javier, mosaics, and a new and very popular “cocktail” lesson where students cooled off by making mojitos, sangria, and fruit punch- without alcohol of course!  For dinner, I had the pleasure of going with a group of students to a cooking class  held at a nearby hotel called Pilar de Toro in Plaza Nueva. There, we learned how to make tortilla española, a traditional dish resembeling an omelet with potatoes, as well as salmorejo, a chilled tomato soup. After dinner was a talent show featuring over 10 incredible acts including Annabelle on the ukulele, Grace on the piano, Sophia H. singing “Let It Go” in Dutch, and many more impressive musical acts from students and faculty too! Click on this link to see a video of some of last night's highlights: 

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