Granada: Musical Monday

July 11, 2017

     Fun relay races prepared students to jump right into Monday morning classes.  Concha’s CE Class called “Poetas, Músicos, y Locos" spent their class time  working on artistic representations of Apollo and Artemis. Click on the links below to see last week’s section preforming their original poems voted on by their classmates.  After comida and an extended rest time, students dove into workshops including rap writing and performing with Mario and percussion with Angela.

Click to see the performance of the song “Cups” from Pitch Perfect in Spanish. Incredible work, students!

     Following the workshops, students could play board games, dance at Zumba, or play sports. Then, students spent the night exploring the city through different activities including eating churros con chocolate, hiking to the Mirador de Aan Nicolás, and listening to a Spanish concert at Lemon Rock Hotel. Angela’s group had a special dinner out to celebrate Emma’s Birthday! Happy Birthday, Emma! :) 


Links to Concha's CE Class Presentations: 

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