Granada: It's not an "adios", it's an "hasta luego"...

July 19, 2018
What a perfect, bittersweet last day in Granada. We started off the morning with our last assembly, filled with a fun game, an impromptu water fight, and, of course, dancing. Then students had their last day of classes. Many went out for ice cream, churros, or tea with their professors, and before lunch all of the classes attended an informational flamenco workshop! In the afternoon we had time to pack up and get ready for the evening's festivities.

To kick off the night, we had our final ceremony. Sam and Sarah gave a wonderful speech; Francis, Alba, and Angela sang us a beautiful song; and we got to see the final product of our LipDub! All of the students were given their diplomas and letters from their teachers, and at the end of the ceremony, Chema broke the Language Pledge just in time to head to our goodbye dinner! We laughed, cried, and ate some great tapas, and when we got back to the school, the students sat down with their residential groups to reflect on the program and what they had learned.

Looking back, these four weeks were an opportunity for immense growth and learning, but not only of Spanish. The students learned to navigate a new culture, make new friends, live in another country, and adapt to a lifestyle that they weren't used to. Aside from the vast improvements that they have made in their Spanish abilities, the students will walk away with some unforgettable bonds. What a month it has been here in Granada...we hope it's one that the students never forget!