Granada: Hiking and Baking

Excursion to Sierra de Huétor National Park and Bread baking workshop

July 10, 2017

     This weekend featured two very exciting excursions which everyone participated in. Because we have so many students, the group split in half and students did a hiking and baking excursion one day and a tour of The Alhambra the next.  On their hiking day, students took a bus to the Sierra de Huétor National Park where they hiked to amazing views for the first portion of the excursion.   After the hike, students went to Pan de Manolo, a local bakery, to learn about the bread making process and bake their own bread.

      On Saturday afternoon, students explored the city in small groups and were given yet another opportunity to explore Granada during the night with RAs. Options for Saturday night’s activities included a hike to San Miguel Alto, Churros con chocolate, and a dance show in the city center. 

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