Granada: Games from Carmen's Classroom to the Pool

Wednesday morning with Carmen’s Level 4 Spanish class and the afternoon at the pool!

July 13, 2017

     Assembly was full of smiles as Samuel Levine became “The New Jose (RA)” and led a dance in morning assembly to his favorite song “Sophia.” The crowd went wild when Sam struck his final pose to end the dance, and it was a perfect activity to energize everyone for Spanish class. During class time, I had the opportunity to check in with Carmen’s Spanish Level 4 class.

     Carmen’s class practiced their vocabulary of Spanish food with a game of Taboo while focusing on the Can Do statement, “I can talk about different culinary traditions from the host country and their origins.” Having ventured into the city to a local market to practice ordering and buying local foods earlier this week, Carmen’s class proved their food knowledge in this fun guessing game.  Carmen is from Badajoz, a city in Spain very close to Portugal and teaches university students during the year with IES Abroad Granada. While she has experience studying in Germany and The U.S, she says that Granada is her “favorite place in the entire world.”  Carmen’s energy and passion for sharing her culture creates a engaging classroom setting conducive to learning.   

     Because of the high temperatures, we decided to spend the entire afternoon at a local pool! After lunch, students boarded busses to a nearby sports club where students enjoyed cooling off and playing games in the pool, resting in the shade, and eating delicious food at the café. We made it back just in time for a pizza dinner followed by time for students to call home and catch up with friends and family.  

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