Granada: The Culture of Cooking with Concha

Concha's Level 3 Spanish Class: ”I can compare and contrast culinary culture and behavior of the host city to that of my own.”

July 14, 2017

     Concha’s Level 3 Spanish class builds on this week’s theme of local food and customs regarding mealtime.  Discussing differences they have observed between The US and Spain surrounding food and culinary customs, students in this class focused on the Can Do statement,”I can compare and contrast culinary culture and behavior of the host city to that of my own.” One of the biggest differences regarding meals in Spain is the schedule of meals. Every day, students rush off to class directly after finishing their meals while faculty remind students that in Spain, we have “sobremesa.” This term refers to the time following eating a meal, where one can talk, watch the news, or even work while still at the table.  “Siesta” is another difference students observed which is the time to rest after lunch. In Spain, stores and restaurants close between the hours of 2-5 so that everyone can co go home and enjoy a meal with family followed by time to rest. Regarding actual differences in cuisine, students noted that in Spain, there is plenty ham, bread, and foods with oil and salt.  Students often use their free time in the city to try new foods such as tortilla, paella, churros, and salmorejo. Salmorejo is a cold tomato soup which students made posters about later in Concha’s class. This activity was extremely useful as many students from Concha’s class made their own salmorejo in a cooking workshop. Their knowledge of local foods proved to be very useful in this discussion about differences in meal times between the US and Spain. 

     Concha is from Malaga, where we are off to tomorrow for a beach day!  Concha studied in Granada, and has lived here for over 20 years. Always introducing new activities to engager her students, Concha describes learning as a ”holistic, active and enriching task.”  Passionate about poetry and art, Concha also noted that she tries “to create bonds of union between both disciplines whenever I have opportunity.” Around campus, Concha can be found teaching poetry and an occasional belly dancing class; students here are lucky to learn from such an accomplished and enthusiastic teacher. 

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