Granada: And the Blue Wristband goes to...

July 8, 2017

      With exactly two weeks left, this Friday was a great day to reflect on the first half of the program and look forward to the upcoming half.  In the morning, I checked in on Pilar’s CE dance class. After learning how to Salsa yesterday, students spent the day learning “Sevillanas”, a traditional type of dance originating from Sevilla, Spain.  Each student then had a meeting with their language teacher to receive feedback, reflect on the first two weeks of class, and express what they would like to see happen in the last two weeks. When students were not meeting with teachers, they were drawing a small portion of a larger famous painting which were then pieced together to create Spanish murals in each classroom.  Pilar’s dance class prepared students for the afternoon full of activities led by RAs, including Sevillanas with Alba and frisbee with Alex.

      As another way to reflect on being half way done, Chema held a language pledge ceremony as a way to reinforce the importance of these final two weeks in complete Spanish immersion. After presentations from each Spanish class including games to teach one another what they have learned thus far, awards were given to students for their outstanding effort in and out of the classroom. The eight students awarded were Cristina Escajadillo, Louisa Guarco, Zainab Antepli, Mara Sabin, Maxwell Flora, Adam Weimer, Javier Vidal, and Samuel Levine.  Chema also presented Garrett Weinstock, Kieran Rudar, Leah Shaw, and Kate O'Sullivan with a blue wristband to welcome them into the selective "club" of people who have consistently shown their dedication and commitment to speaking only Spanish. Congratulations students! The rest of the evening was spent eating dinner in the center of Granada featuring delicious paella and churros con chocolate. Yum! 

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