Graduation and Final Dance at SMC!

July 21, 2017

The grande finale is finally here! This evening, all of our Arabic and Spanish students graduated from their respective MIL Academies. A huge congratulations to our students on four fantastic weeks of language learning! These students were met with challenges, in and out of the classroom, and they all rose to the occasion while sharpening their language skills and building relationships.


After graduation, the Language Pledge was lifted! Students headed straight over to the student center for an all-academy dance and celebration! We danced the night away until students said some of their goodbyes and returned to their dorms to get some rest before departing.


Check out our Facebook for a full album for graduation! 


It was an outstanding month here at MIL’s Arabic and Spanish academies! It was such a pleasure to photograph and capture the daily lives of our amazing students. Please reminds your kids to check the Facebook albums for photos and the blogs for more videos/photos.


Safe travels and best wishes!

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