Goodbye, Salamanca

July 26, 2019

Language: Spanish
Location: Salamanca

What the Salamanca Academy did today: Today was the students' very last day at the Salamanca Academy. We hopped on a bus to Madrid at 6:00 am, arrived at the airport safely and took a 12:45 pm flight to Boston. Although some had to say goodbye in a rush in order to make it to connecting flights, the last hugs and farewell words were full of passion and sadness. The MIL Academy participants along with the staff and mentors have become one big family over the course of this last month. After everything that we have been through together, all the classes, activities, events and fieldtrips, it was hard for everyone to part different ways today. Being a part of this intense experience has taught students not only about the Spanish language and culture, but also about life, belonging to a community, family and team work. We are certain that this has been a fruitful and blissful adventure for them, just as it has been for the staff, teachers and mentors. We want to thank each and every student that has set foot in the 2019 Salamanca Academy for having been a part of this one-month program, for having commited so passionately to the Language Pledge® and for being a member of this big family. 

Enjoy the rest of the summer,

The IES Abroad Salamanca team