GMC Internet Access

July 14, 2014

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Best wishes as we enter the last week of programming! Your students never cease to amaze me, and in my four years of work at MMLA this year’s World Expo was without a doubt the most spellbinding. We are all very excited to celebrate your students’ accomplishments this coming week as we wind down the program and begin to reflect on the last few busy weeks.

I write today to ask for your understanding. A power surge has knocked out our internet service provider’s ability to give us network access. If we are slow in answering emails, getting blog posts up or responding to queries, this is why! Hopefully I can give you a positive update soon. For now, however, students and faculty/staff alike will be without internet access in the near future.

We are all safe and well, just without internet access on campus!

Take care,

James Violette, Office Manager