GMC’s Got Talent

July 5, 2015

Today, I was fortunate enough to escape from the Site Office to observe some of the Green Mountain Academies’ finest performers as they competed in a talent show! After a rousing cheering session in each Academy’s language, the performances began and were supported by everyone in Ackley Auditorium, including the judges—Program Assistant Hannah, Lifeguard Ethan, and yours truly.  

Because all of the performances were so praiseworthy, it was virtually impossible to rank them and choose the best!  But when all was said and done, fourth place was awarded to the team comprised of Cree dormitory residents that make up half of the Spanish Academy. This group of students, led boldly by Spanish RE Jack, danced in unison to a routine that was reminiscent of a Zumba dance class. Third place was awarded to the Arabic Academy, who presented a solo dance to the song “Habibi Ya Nour El Ain”, or “My Darling, Glow In My Eyes”, accompanied by students singing and drumming. A moving rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner, played on the cello and accompanied by humming from the Spanish Academy residents of North dormitory, placed second. This was an emotional moment, especially following the celebration of American Independence the previous day. The victor of the talent show, the Germany Academy, sang and danced to the popular Beatles song, “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” in German, accompanied by trumpet, ukulele, violin, and guitar. 

These performances, from all Academies, both showcased the students’ talents and provided the first of many valuable points counted toward the total score for the entirely of Field Day activities. Stay tuned for more information about the students’ outdoor, sporting activities.