The German Academy's Middlebury Adventure

July 12, 2017

Well, today was another busy day of field trips here at MIL! After watching the French and Chinese academies leave for field trips yesterday, the German Academy was definitely psyched for their own trip to Middlebury College today. The excitement in their eyes was palpable from the moment they boarded their buses (even though it was 9 AM in the morning)!

After the students arrived at Middlebury, they spent some time enjoying the town and Middlebury's beautiful campus! Our hosts at Middlebury were also especially gracious, and invited our students to shadow German students studying at Middlebury College! Students then broke up into classes based on their current ability, and saw first hand what language learning is like for Middlebury College students. 

After a lunch with Middlebury College German students, German Academy students took part in a Aussprachen (pronunciation) workshop with Middlebury College Professors and Students. As they left, it's become even clearer just how much their German has improved in the past two and a half weeks! 

Finally, to end their adventure, students went on a guided tour of the campus at Middlebury College. It was a lovely Vermont summer day, and the students clearly enjoyed walking around such a gorgeous school! Many students stopped to take pictures, others asked questions about the history, and yet others just simply admired the scenery. After such a perfect day there, I'm sure many of our students will be eager to return to Middlebury College in some way. 

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