Friday Feature: RA Samantha and Las Puertorriqueñas Living Group

July 14, 2017

The following is a guest post from Samantha, a Spanish RA, detailing a "day in the life" here at SMC: 



(*Disclosure: the following entry will be in Spanglish) 


I’m Samantha, las puertorriqueñas Residential Advisor (RA). Back in 2013 I was a student in the German Academy. My RA’s inspired me to later apply for the position and so far this is my second year working as an RA at the Spanish Academy!

As an RA, my job is to take care of the students well-being within the program and throughout their learning experience in the Spanish Academy. I am always prepared to: answer random questions, have a plan A, B and even C just in case it rains, and have fun with students while enforcing the target language. Sometimes I even become their first friend in the Spanish Academy which is an honor!

So far the rain here in Colchester, Vermont has not been able to stop us from having fun. Starting around 7:30am students begin to prepare for breakfast and afterwards they have a morning assembly to get started with their day. As RA’s, we have afternoon activities prepared for the students. It's amazing how creative things get with the students. Some days can be hectic but overall it's amazing to see how students progress with their Spanish.

Week four is about to start and homesickness is no longer a thing. Students have begun to notice that the program is about to come to an end and begin to become nostalgic about missing the new friends they've made.

It is a pleasure to be back with Middlebury Interactive Languages and to be part of the students learning experience!


¡Hasta luego!

About Samantha:

Soy puertorriqueña de San Sebastián de las Vegas del Pepino. I enjoy traveling and spending time at the beach (preferably one of Puerto Rico’s). During the past year I’ve been studying abroad Filología Hispánica en la Universidad de Granada, from la Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Río Piedras. I’ve been accepted to continue my studies in Granada, so I’ll be officially moving to Spain once the summer ends!


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