Fourth of July Fun and Festivities!

July 4, 2017

Happy Independence Day, everyone! Although no two days are alike here at Green Mountain College, today will surely be a memorable day for the students here. Today, students from each academy and from all across the map came together to take part in celebrating not only American Independence, but something much larger: our interdependence, and togetherness across several languages. 

To begin the day, students traveled two miles over to Eastern Poultney to take part in Poultney's annual 4th of July Parade. As the parade advanced through downtown Poultney,  students chanted in French, German, and Chinese, while the townspeople waved and supported them all the way. Everyone was greatful to be in Poultney, and everyone was happy to be celebrating on such a lovely day! 

After returning to campus, students took a few much needed hours to catch up on their classes. However, they didn't stay inside for too long, as it was both a holiday and a beautiful day outside. Because it was so pretty, dinner was served in a classic Fourth of July fashion: Picnic style. 

Eventually, a bit of "friendly" competition even began between the French and German Academies! After days of taking turns with the Volleyball court, the German students threw down the gauntlet and challenged the French students to a match. The match was closely fought and intense, but unfortunately it had to be suspended for something even more exciting: fireworks! 

To cap off the day, students from all academies gathered to watch the sunset and Poultney's fireworks display. And as it turned to dusk, the night sky was lit up by glorious multi-colored light. Each burst of fireworks were unique in their own way, with differing complexities and color. But like every language, each burst was a wonder to behold. 

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