Food, Food and…More Food?

July 19, 2019

Language: Chinese

Location: Nanluoguxiang, Drum & Bell Towers, Qianmen and Dashilan

The theme of the excursions for the past couple of days has been, “Streets that allow the students to shop, eat and explore!” All of the locations mentioned above, excluding the towers, are streets that have many of China’s coolest street foods and best shopping! The kids were able to taste many different types of cuisines and able to rest in different tea and coffee shops. Of course, many found the Starbucks and rested in the air conditioning.

At Dashilan, we brought the students to a Xiaomai restaurant, which is a speciality of southern Cantonese-speaking region. Finally, the students are preparing for the Beijing Gala on Saturday which is where the students will be able to showcase their Chinese abilities they have gained while on this program. Stay tuned for videos and photos from their performance.

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