The first few days in Nantes!

June 28, 2017

Bonjour de Nantes,

The immersion experience is off to a great start! Students are truly enjoying their first few days here. After challenging Père Fouras, the great game master of Fort Boyard and a good night of sleep, students were ready for a new exciting day!

Wednesday started with breakfast and the morning assembly, their daily meeting with the RAs before heading to class. Everyone is working hard to improve their French!

After lunch, students left campus for an afternoon of adventures in Nantes. The group was divided in three, just like the day before, and headed to three destinations: Nantes City Center, Trentemoult and le Jardin des Plantes. You can find out what the walk around Nantes looked like in our next blog post!

Today, you can follow the students in their afternoon out in Trentemoult and le Jardin des Plantes.

Trentemoult is a fisherman village off the coast of Nantes. To cross one of Nantes’s river, la Loire, you need to take a boat, so the students enjoyed the sun (cloudy day but with some beautiful rays of sunshine!) on the top of the boat. Teachers guided them through the tiny, winding streets of Trentemoult to admire the colorful old fishermen’s houses.

Meanwhile, students at le Jardin des Plantes enjoyed a sunny afternoon full of discoveries in this beautiful park with flowers and surprising structures: park benches of all sizes are distributed around the park, from doll-sized to house-sized. They visited the greenhouses and learned more about the range of exoctic plants found there, and all this entirely en français!

Everyone came back to campus to get some quality free time and make the most of the end of the day. The group did activities together, which included yoga, molky (a game) or music.

Don’t forget to read our next blog post to see what Nantes looks like!

A bientôt!


Coralie Beauchard

Administrative Assistant

Bonjour de Nantes! The Language Pledge in Nantes