Finally, Saturday!

July 16, 2016

After a busy week, students—from both Academies—enjoyed a relaxing Saturday, in which there were no obligations or assignments that called for their intellectual exertion.

Most students took their time in the morning, leisurely getting dressed and making their way outside. Others, however, made the most of the morning, waking up early for runs and other forms of exercise, while the weather is still cool.

As the sun came out and more students began meandering their way outside, the St. Michael’s campus was lively and filled with weekend-inspired energy. Regardless of what they were doing, students were enjoying—to the fullest extent—their day off.

For the French Academy, the better part of their afternoon was marked by an Academy-wide event: the annual talent show.

After congregating in the theater room, several students—some solo, others in groups—showcased their hidden talents, of which everyone is not entirely aware. The performances ranged from solo singing to funny, multiple-person improv skits!

Also, there was a food-based makeup tutorial, performed by two French Academy girls. In their presentation, they used the social media and marketing intern as their dummy, smearing tuna, nutella, chocolate syrup, honey and yogurt all over his face.

While the French Academy was at their talent show, students from the Chinese Academy participated in a wide array of activities, all of which were led by the REs.

Of the activities offered, the main one that stood out was Quidditch. Yes, you heard that correctly: the students played Quidditch today.

Coming from the Harry Potter books, this game got the students running around, playing a lacrosse/football-like game on a full field. Needless to say, it was a hit amongst all of the students.

Later in the evening, after dinner, both Academies went off to their weekly Saturday night dance and game night, in which they’re allowed to temporarily break the Language Pledge® and speak English for two full hours.

With lots of conversation and music, it was a great way for the students to wrap up their Saturday. Now, on to Sunday!

French Academy dance