Finally Friday at the French Academy!

July 6, 2018

Language: French

Location: Green Mountain College

Daily Schedule:

7:30 am                 Breakfast

9:00 am                 Assembly

9:30 am                 Class Block 1/break

10:30 am               Class Block 2/break

11:30 am               Class Block 3

12:30 pm               Lunch

1:15 pm                  Free Time

2:00 pm                 Cultural Exploration

3:45 pm                 Activities/Exercise/Free time

5:30 pm                 Dinner & Free Time

7:30 pm                  Evening Activities

9:15 pm                 Dorm activities/snack

10:00 pm               In room/Journaling

10:30 pm               Lights out

What the French Academy did today:

Two weeks of classes down, two to go! The students have become such chatterboxes in the past couple weeks. Tomorrow, they’ll be headed to Saint Michael’s College to compete in The Olympics against the Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and German Academies! Dodgeball, paintball, ping pong, frisbee, sudoku, and relays are among the sports and activities planned for tomorrow. The French students are feeling pretty determined to win!

In classes today, Level 1 students learned how to recognize cultural differences between Francophone countries and their own in reference to food and culinary preferences. Next week, they’ll be learning how to recognize/name some parts of the body, describe common illnesses, and identify what to wear during each season.

In Level 2 classes, students learned to present information about the culinary cultures of Francophone countries and compare it to those of their own. On Monday, they’ll start learning how to participate and talk about sporting events by asking and answering questions about game rules, scores, player positions, etc.

Level 3 students learned details about a nutritional recommendation from Francophone countries and prepared informative flyers for the Academy. In next week’s classes, they’ll learn all about travel and tourism! Giving directions, preparing notes about transportation, and reading travel brochures are all on the itinerary for Week 3!

In Level 4 classrooms, students just finished writing survey questions about cultural values and interviewing their classmates. Next week, they will focus on how learning about culture helps people adapt to cultural differences in Francophone countries. They will also reflect on how the language and cultural knowledge acquired at the Academy will impact their plans for the future.

Tonight, students will spend time journaling, participating in clubs, and preparing themselves for the Olympics tomorrow. We’ll be leaving bright and early, so be sure to stay tuned for updates throughout the day!

Check back on Monday to read more about the French Academy!

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