The Final Days!

July 17, 2019

Language: Spanish
Location: Granada

What the Academy did today:

As the days are counting down for the Granada Academy, staff and students are trying their best to make the most out of each one!

Today, during the last hour of classes students had one-on-one interviews with their teachers to discuss their progress, and how they should proceed to keep up their level of Spanish. 

Today the Academy also had their last language exchange!  During the final session, Celia’s Spanish class and Marilena’s English class ranked social activities from most important to least, and explained their reasoning behind their lists.

In the evening students enjoyed their last solo outing in Granada.  Many scrambled to find gifts to bring back to their families, visited their favorite spots one last time, or hit any tapas bars they had on their bucketlists. 

Right before dinner, students had the option of attending a yoga session or a game of soccer.  Luckily, both offered Alhambra views. During yoga, the class stretched and practiced different poses, while the competition on the soccer pitch heated up! 

After dinner, Jenny and Alba treated the recipients of last week’s Academic Award to an ice cream, as promised. 

Finally, at the end of the night students headed to bed to rest up for tomorrow, their last full day with the Granada Academy 

Today’s Schedule:

8:45 am—9:25 am—Breakfast

10:00 am—10:50 am—Class Block 1

10:55 am—11:45 am—Class Block 2

11:45 am—12:00 pm—Break & Snack

12:00 pm—12:50pm—Class Block 3

1:00 pm—2:20 pm—Individual interviews

2:30 pm—3:00 pm—Lunch

3:10 pm—4:30 pm—Free time and language exchange

4:35 pm—5:00 pm—Time with residential groups 

5:00 pm—5:15 pm—Pick up afternoon snack

5:15 pm—7:00 pm—Free time in Granada

7:15 pm—8:15 pm—Soccer game/ yoga

8:30 pm—9:00 pm—Dinner

9:10 pm—11:00 pm—Call home

11:00 pm—11:15 pm—In rooms

11:30 pm—Lights out

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