Field Day Triumphs

July 6, 2015

Yesterday morning, the Arabic Academy poured out of Lyman dorm and began its march to the opening ceremony of the annual Field Day. With face paint, chanting, and drumming, the Arabic Academy created a presence that could be heard across campus and most likely the greater area of Poultney, Vermont.  At the opening ceremony, the Arabic students rose to meet the challenge laid down by the other academies by chanting louder, drumming harder, and displaying an enormous amount of spirit and pride.

Once the dorm heads and emcees had finally calmed the students, the talent show began. The Arabic contribution, performed by a group of about 8 students, included singing, dancing, and music. The group performed “Nour al Ein”, by Amr Diab, and showed a representation of the outstanding talents that can be found within the student body of all the Academies. After the talent portion concluded, the Academies marched to the field to begin a host of activities, ranging from puzzle competitions to tug-of-war. 

Throughout the course of the afternoon, the students showed solidarity and teamwork in many relay races, such as the ping pong relay and sponge race. Some notable performances include the paper airplane competition and musical chairs, where the Arabic Academy placed both first and second. All this couldn’t have been accomplished without the overwhelming support that the students gave one another.

After a long day of competing, excitement, and some disappointments, the students were absolutely wiped out. The closing ceremony was much quieter than the opening ceremony and it was obvious that the day’s festivities had exhausted the students. After the thank you speeches, the dorm heads announced the results. Spanish Academy third–our anticipation grew. German Academy second, which meant the Arabic academy had won! The Arabic students erupted, cheering and hugging, and I think that I may have even seen a tear or two.

Although winning was an accomplishment, our greatest triumph was the student’s teamwork and spirit, all in language! Teams discussed strategies, in language; students cheered, in language; and the Arabic students won, in language. Coming together as a team, united by a new, shared language, was the true prize of Field Day.