Field Day Fun

July 5, 2015

After all of the incredible performances this morning, the students were energized for the many afternoon activities planned for the day.

Outdoor competition started with a hula hoop relay where the students, with their hands clasped together, needed to work as a group to move the hoop from one end of the line to the other, without breaking contact with their neighbors. Afterwards, the students competed in a three legged race. Many students used their new language skills to keep themselves and their partner in sync by counting together. The students also participated in water balloon toss, ping pong relays, puzzle-making, a paper airplane competition and an epic tug-of-war competition!

The day ended with a series of intense soccer games, with the two Spanish teams, Cree and Norte, participating in the match for first and second place and the Arabic and German Academies competing for third and fourth. All of the games were exciting, intense and spirited, and afterwards, the German and Arabic Academies returned to the site office for call home time while the Spanish Academy went to dinner.

Even though the day was hot, rest assured, everyone remained well-hydrated and applied sun block to protect themselves from burns and heat exhaustion.