A Field Day for the Books! Colchester 2017

July 8, 2017

Today was all about competition, spirit and passion. With both the St. Michael's and Green Mountain campuses united as one, students from all academies took part in a Field Day of Olympic proportions. Thanks to the efforts of Activities Coordinators Liam Frost (Green Mountain College) and Sierra Wilbar (St. Michael's College), this event not only an exciting event, but a unifying force for academies at both campuses! 

To kick off the day, students from the academies at Green Mountain College took off early in the morning to spend an hour or so in downtown Burlington. Here, they had the chance to shop, enjoy the town, and relax for the intense day ahead. And at 1:00 sharp, they finally arrived at St. Michael's, ready for the excitment to begin! 

Students from each academy made a roaring entrance into the gym, with chants and cheers, and waving signs and flags. The echoes from the students drowned out even the rainstorm outside! 

The Opening Address soon began shortly afterwords. Site Managers Kripa Bhagat (Green Mountain College) and Catherine Jennings (St. Michael's College) provided words of inspiration, and encouraged the students to compete for their academies! More importantly, though, they also emphasized the importance of comradery today. While divided between two campuses, all the academies are part of the MIL Family, and today was our chance to come together! 

And just like that, the Games began! 

Students took part in many different events this year, from sports such as soccer and basketball, to other events such as Ultimate Jenga and a Relay Race. Whatever the event though, academy pride was fully on display! 

After all the events had ended, students settled back down for the Closing Ceremony of the Field Day. They didn't stay settled for long though, as they soon took part in the ultimate display of academy pride: A Spirit Competition and Dance-Off! If you'd like to see the full livestream of their amazing performances, check out the video of the Livestream on our Facebook Page!

At the end of the day, the final results of the games were: 

  • Spanish Academy: Won Ultimate Frisbee, the Coloring Contest, and Soccer. 
  • Arabic Academy: Won Basketball, Ultimate Jenga, and tied for first in the Spirit Contest.
  • German Academy: Won the Sudoku Competition, Spoon Race, and Hula Hoop Race.
  • French Academy: Won the Potato Sack Race.
  • Chinese Academy: Tied for first in the Spirit Contest

Finally, all academies tied for first in the Planking Competition! 

In the end, it was a day full of pride, fun, and unity here at St. Michael's! Here's to MIL Field Day! 

And again, huge shoutout to Activity Coordinators Liam Frost and Sierra Wilbar for making it happen! 


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